Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thank you.

When I started blogging in 2009, my mother and mother in law had just passed away, Twitter was 3 years old, Facebook was 5 years old, Tumblr was 2 years old and Pinterest wasn't born yet..:)  The big bloggers of today were yet to be discovered. Scott Schuman and Garance Dore my early idols and among the first to lead the way have reinvented themselves in new ways and we must too. 
It is 2014 now,  technology has leaped and I have leaped too.  I changed careers last year and I am in love my new world of New Media and Web Design. Sometimes it takes a long time to find your true calling, I have found mine.  Blogging in 2014 is big business, bloggers are "a dime a dozen" now, even Gwyneth Paltrow is a blogger ( love her blog GOOP)  but, some normal, hard working amazing ladies and men have cut through the masses with their unique voices and amazing talent and have achieved monetary gains for all of their hard work. And blogging is hard work. I applaud all of them and invite you to look at a budding talent on the way like Ashma John of
Technology and media is changing daily,  and I must do the same. I can no longer devote daily time to my blog, take care of my family and run a business. I need outlets which would require less time, like Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook ( Deeg Consulting and Passport To The World). Change has come. 

I would like to thank all of my friends who supported my blog over the years, my friend Tracy who wrote unselfishly for the blog, " Dispatches from London" and Shelley who always gave wonderful advice on the blog. I would not be here without my 'village" of wonderful friends.  I would like to thank my friend John H who led me down a new path as I was changing careers and kept this mind from falling off a cliff.  Thank you John! 
Thank you to everyone who read all or at least one of my stories from far flung places like Poland, Australia and Argentina. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you!!!!

You can find me:

Thank you to my biggest fan and supporter my husband Greg, thank you, I would not be doing any of this without you. 

Best Wishes, Love and Eternal Happiness 

Debra Gibson-Welch 


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Monday, December 30, 2013

Selection of Christmas Scenes in London, Christmas 2013

There's nothing like Christmas in London Town. Each area in London tends to get into the festivities by decorating and lighting up the streets at a different time, rather than all at the same time.  This allows the locals to visit and enjoy the events at different locations if they want to, and usually they do. It is said that the feel for Christmas begin when Fortnum and Mason reveals their windows. With this in mind, I thought it might be nice to provide you with some photos of how a variety of areas within London decorated for Christmas 2013. I hope you enjoy them.

Fortnum and Mason's building
A window at Fortnum and Mason
Window at Fortnum and Mason
A window at Fortnum and Mason showing a selection of foodstuff available for sale

John Lewis's Christmas story this year was based on a bear and hare.  Below are a couple of shots of their innovative window displays in which they used every day articles to create the animals.



An owl

Old Bond Street
Lights in Old Bond Street

 The D&G window

Arcades on Piccadilly

Piccadilly Arcade

Burlington Arcade

Wimbledon held a Winter Wonderland at the beginning of December which was aimed at getting the families out with their little ones. Thus the photos reflect this aim.

The bouncy castle -  a large Christmas pudding

The Ritz

Covent Garden

Duke of York (Chelsea)

St James's (Pall Mall)

St James's

Of course there are many Christmas Carol concerts held in a variety of Churches and other venues.  Here's a taste of what the Royal Albert looked like for one such carol concert.

Royal Albert Hall

Carols by Candlelight set in period costumes


A nativity scene in Westminster

Merry Christmas (it is still Christmastide) and a very Happy New Year to all.

Photos courtesy: Tracy Gravesande

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Age of the $30 Lip Gloss.. really?! How much are you willing to pay?


I visited Sephora a few weeks ago and during my perusal around the store, I tested some of the lip products, glosses, from different brands. Then, I started checking prices , I was horrified....$30:00, $34:00 ..... Ladies, what happened to the cost of Lip Gloss !?
Lip Gloss lasts all of 30 minutes if you take a sip of water and zero minutes if you kiss someone on the lips. $30:00 ?!

Sephora Lip Gloss Product Range

The brands which fall into this category are some of my favorites YSL, Marc Jacobs, Laura Mercier my eternal favorite, rings in at gasppppp!! $38.00 dollars!  Bobbi Brown, Jeanne Lobell of Stila,  Laura Mercier  started the fresh face, nude lip gloss look years ago and the cost of lip gloss has grown steadily ever since. My personal favorite is Hourglass because it stays for a while and actually moisturizes your lips without peeling. But even Hourglass rings in at $28.00! Bobbi Brown has actually kept her prices in control in the mid twenties and Stila, which is another favorite is still in the lower teens to twenties price range. Bare Minerals has a gloss for $18.00.
I am think Lip Smackers may have to make a comeback in my makeup bag very soon!

What are you using? How much are you willing to pay for ......Lip Gloss.
I would love your thoughts!!

Thanks Fashionmom!

Image courtesy of IStock Images. 

Macaron VS Macaron - Laduree and Macaron Cafe NYC


Macaron Cafe, NYC

Happy Holidays everyone!

I put my favorite brand of Macarons from Laduree to a taste test this weekend, after a dear friend who lives in New York City suggested I try the Macarons from Macaron Cafe NYC . He liked Laduree but felt that they lose a bit of freshness after the long daily flight from Paris.
I have long been a Laduree fan but they only deliver within New York City in order to preserve the freshness of the Macarons.  I have had to settle for a bite or two once or twice a year during visits to New York.

Macaron Cafe... had an advantage over Laduree,  because they ship anywhere within the United States.
I ordered a box online with mixed flavors, with a few of my Laduree favorites, Rose, Violette and Lavender along with the standards Vanilla and Pistachio for husband and daughter.
The macarons arrived as stated this past Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving. The instructions were to keep them refrigerated and everyone knows that Macarons are best eaten at room temperature.

 Macaron Cafe- NYC 

Taste Test - On Thanksgiving day just before lunch everyone choose their two favorite flavors from the box and we set them out for the the room temperature moment of truth.

MC macarons are larger in size that LD, but the colors are beautiful, rich and vibrant. The fillings were creamy and delicious. Since I did not have LD to compare on the spot, I had to recall my memories of LD over the years.
It took about two days of ruminating but the main differences are :

LD's outer shell is thinner, delicate and soft.
LD's inner filling packs a deadly and potent punch especially with flavors like Rose and Lavender, you can really taste all Rose or all Lavender.
MC's outer shell gives you more Macaron for your money and it is delicious. My husband liked MCs macarons better. The outer shell has some heft to it.
MC's fillings are delicious and they have more flavor varities that LD which is always nice.

I guess we have the best of both if you like a delicate outer shell, LD is the one for you,  for something more substantial, MC is for you.
 Either way we are winners!
 And if you live in NYC you have the best of both worlds, now if we can just get Pierre Herme to starting selling and deliver in the US......Heaven!

Thanksgiving Cocktail to match the Macarons, something very refreshing  -  Limonello ( 1 oz), Gilbey's London Dry Gin ( 1 oz), Loads of Ice, Club Soda and a touch of Bitter Lemon. Serve!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mascara of The Week - Dolce and Gabanna ..What is your favorite?

I have written countless posts over the years about mascaras and my love for mascaras. I currently have about 20 mascaras in my makeup box in rotation. I have decided that I was going to play with one each week for the next couple of weeks. Some days, my old standbys are not so great when applied and I decide to try something else for a few days.

 If a new mascara hits the stores, I will head out to at least give it a test at Sephora. Many of my friends often tell me that my favorite pastime is shopping ( It makes me sound hollow and shallow). I am a very curious, smart and creative person with a talent for retaining anything to do with retail and fashion after hearing about it only once. I spent years working in an industry, called retail.  I take my career seriously, I do tons of homework, I read constantly to stay current and I want to know about new products and new things. I am going to embrace my "shopping" label with gusto and it does not mean that I shop every time I go to the store!!

So here goes....

This week it's The Boys from Milan Stephano and Domenico
and my test is
Volumized Lashes - My Test

The finished look is clean, not super volumized, classy and defined, no clumping. If you have tried it , send your thoughts and
 it is time to try their new one New! - Passion Eyes Duo from D&G.

What is your favorite mascara?  How many do you have in rotation?

Best Wishes!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Favorite- Burt's Bees Natural Body Wash For Men....and the entire family.

This Body Wash is for men but it is one of the best washes on the market for the entire family. I love and covet it because the light citrus scent is heavenly, not too feminine, not too masculine, it's perfect.  And thanks to Coconut, Sunflower, Cypress,Citrus and Fir Oils, it is super gentle yet invigorating, extremely moisturizing, and generates amazing suds during and after your shower.
Then the big pluses:

Sulfate Free
Paraben Free
Phthalate Free
Which somehow makes me feel I am contributing something important to the world by using this product. :)


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